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body parts

Body parts
antennal scrobefrontal fovea, antennal fossaedepression above base of antennae
apical apertureAMAapical metasomal aperture of male;
anterior tentorial pitsapodemata dorso-laterally situated at the border of the clypeus, externally visible as pits
axilla(e)Usually paired, often triangular regions posterior to the mesoscutum that usually appear as anterolateral regions of the scutellum
fovea, foveola -aea shallow depression with well-marked sides: a pit.
frontal foveasee: antennal scrobe
hypopygiumthe final visible sternum of the abdomen
hypostomaPosterior, more or less inflected portion of the head capsule on either side of and often dorsal to the labiomaxillary complex, which is delimited laterally by the hypostomal carina
lateropea round or oval pit in the side of the first metasomal tergite between the spiracle and the base of the tergite.
malar spaceMinimum distance between the lower margin of the eye and the base of the mandible
metacarpvein 1-R1
notaulusThe usually oblique longitudinal groove on the mesoscutum, often dividing the mesoscutum into medial and lateral parts.
occiputConcave hind part of head
orbitThe margin of the compound eye.
pleural sulcusgroove (usually crenulate) posteriorly at the mesopleuron
postpectal carinacarina at mesosternum in front of middle coxae
precoxal sulcustransverse depression on mesopleuron, anteriorly more dorsally situated than posteriorly
prothoraxThe thoracic segment that is located between the head and the mesothorax is composed of the pronotum, the propectus and the fore leg.
scutellar sulcusPrescutellar furrowtransverse depression (usually wide) in front of scutellum
segments (antenna)Antennomeres, flagellomeres +2segments ot the antenna, starting at the scape
spurcalcarium -aspine at the apex of a tibia
sternaulusa groove on the lower edge of the mesopleuron, anteriorly more ventrally situated than posteriorly. The sternaulus is considered the dividing line between the mesosternum and the mesopleuron
tegulasquamulaa small scale covering the base of the fore wing
templethe area behind and beneath the eye
tentorial pitspits at upper corner clypeus. see: anterior tentorial pits
vertexThe top part of the head, between the inner margins of the compound eyes, and between the anterior ocellus and the occipital carina.
mesosoma dorsal view
mesosoma dorsal view

Figs. 1-2, mesosoma of Blacus (Ganychorus) pallipes Haliday, $, Netherlands, Wijster, legs and wings removed. 1, lateral aspect; 2, dorsal aspect. A = side of scutellum and axilla; B= precoxal sulcus; C = episternal scrobe; D = pleural sulcus; Ε = epicnemial area; F = metapleural flange; Gl = anterior part of metapleuron; G2 = posterior part of metapleuron; H = propodeum; I = metanotum; J = propodeal spiracle; Κ = prepectal carina;L = lateral lobe of mesoscutum; M = middle lobe of mesoscutum; Ν = notauli; Ο = mesopleuron; Ρ = pronotum; Ο = pronope; R = lateral carina of scutellum; S = scutellum;Tl + T2 = tegula and humeral plate, respectively; U = propleuron; V = mesosternum; W =medial carina of propodeum; X = lateral carina of propodeum; Y = pleural carina; Ζ =scutellar sulcus; AS = anterior subalar depression. 75 x.

figures: van Achterberg 1984